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Dr Ehrenhaus implanting KERATACx Cornea Ring implants for Keratoconus

Donations for Dominican Republic

We donated (to 25 families) rice, beans, pasta, salsa, milk, salt, oil and a whole chicken. The photos show Maribel Gonzalez (president of Fundacion de La Tierra) and her nieces and nephew, who helped prepare the bags for donation (Francis, Chaisey, Chailyn).



Surgery Charity Missions in Dominican Republic - February 2016, June 2016, October 2016 and March 2014

Michael Ehrenhaus travels to the Dominican Republic every four months (on average) to help dozens regain the gift of sight by performing surgery to those in need. In the local towns, many people suffer from eye conditions and problems and have no available means of getting proper eyecare. At no cost to the patients, Dr. Ehrenhaus performs multiple surgeries on a select number of locals. These surgeries are performed completely free as a charity mission event, giving patients top quality advanced eye surgeries and treatments.The participants are all very happy and proud to be part of something that meant so much to the people who were suffering.

Dr. Ehrenhaus was invited to the national conference, June 2016, to lecture and teach to the local community. The conference had approximately 200 doctors in attendance.

Food Donation to Poor Families in Dominican Republic - June 2016

As part of a larger charity mission in the Dominican Republic, Michael Ehrenhaus donated a large amount of food to those who were suffering from hunger and malnutrition. Malnutrition can affect your teeth in ways that might cause irreversable damage. To prevent that, Dr. Ehrenhaus donated large amounts of foods that are good for oral health, such as oatmeal and rice. After the donation, Dr. Ehrenhaus was informed that the people who received the food were very greatful and looked forward to his continued charity work in their country.

Radio Soleil - February 2016

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